FAQ - custom image artificial grass
1. How many colors are allowed in image artificial grass?
There are 7 common colors in stock. White, black, green, purple, red, blue and yellow. Other colors should be double checked. If we do not have your preferred colors, we can make it. But the price may be different.

2. I want my own image grass, like my company logo. Is it possible?
Sure. One of our main business is to meet the individual needs. Once your image is confirmed by our designer, we can produce it.

3. How small size of image can you produce?
6cm X 6cm is Ok for one letter or number. Bigger than 12cm is recommended.

4. How big size can you produce?
Generally speaking, there is no limit. But the maximum width of a single piece is 2 meters. So if it’s wider than 2 meters, we will produce them separately and you can joint them together with special joint tapes. This big image may be jointed by several pieces, but looks like only one piece.

5. What should I do if I want my image artificial grass?
If you have an image, please send it to our sales. He will confirm whether we can do it or not, and also the price. If you don’t have an image, please just describe it, our designer could design it for you. If you like the design and the price, we will do it for you.

6. The MOQ and price.
There is no MOQ quantity. One square meters is also big enough to accept. Quantity is a big factor for prices. Please talk to the sales about the quantity and he/she will provide you a quotation case by case.

7. Technical information.
7 - 40 mm pile height. 30 mm is recommended. 16900 stitches per square meter is common density. But the denser, the more beautiful, but the more expensive.

8. Warranty.
5 years UV protection warranty. 
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.